vegan treats

Almond devil’s brownie, oat & blueberry cookies, cinnamon brioche… if your mouth isn’t watering already, it will be once you’ve had a peek at our entire range of vegan treats below. And we don’t mean to boast, but we really do make the best vegan treats in London. Our bakery’s legacy has been built on reimagining sweet treats, and we can’t wait for you to discover your new favourites!

Wide Range of Vegan Goodies

Often in the world of cakes and bakes, the word ‘vegan’ gets a bad rep. But we’re here to change that! We’re firm believers that not only can vegan taste just as good as everything else, but we’re on a mission to convert our customers to eat more vegan treats. So dive in and try something new today… we promise you’ll be back in no time. So, what will it be, our vegan macarons, or salted caramel cookies? Heck, have both.

Vegan Treats UK Delivery

Did you know we deliver all of our delicious products nationwide? Maybe you’re having an office party and are looking to switch things up a bit, or throwing a party and want to make life easy for yourself. Great! Fill up your basket with our vegan treats, and just watch as your team, friends, and family come back for seconds (and thirds!). Our wide range offers everything from vegan cookies to vegan brownies. All you have to do is create your order and tell us where to drop them in the delivery form. Simple!