vanilla & chocolate chips cookies


Who doesn’t like a cheeky cookie? And our classic vanilla & chocolate chip cookies are hugely popular amongst kids and adults. Made with plant-based butter and dark chocolate to be suitable for vegan & lactose free diets. Made with Madagascar vanilla, big chocolate chunks on the outside & chocolate drops mixed in the dough. A generous sized cookie for any time of day. Best served fresh from the oven or warmed up with a lovely cup of tea. Can be made as mini cookies for catering purposes.

Box of 12

Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information Per entire serving Per 100g
Energy 5649 kcal / 23678 kJ 445kcal / 1864kJ
Fat 258g 20g
of which saturated 111g 8.7g
Carbs 759g 60g
of which sugars 428g 34g
Fibre 17g 1.4g
Protein 65g 5.1g
Salt 6.6g 0.52g
Adult average intake (2000kcal/8400kj)

Allergens: contains wheat, may contain milk and soya

Good to Know Fact
Cookies, as the name suggests, are an American invention, from the 1930s, when, so the story goes, they were made by mistake with big chunks of good chocolate, when standard bakers chocolate wasn't available. Resulting in a lovely gooey thick cookie, with a taste of chocolate in every bite.