Our vegetarian snacks come in all shapes and sizes, and for all tastes (even if you’re a meat eater). They make for a perfect quick filler if you’re running between meetings, as a hearty lunch, or as a delicious lunch buffet. We have all kinds of yummy veggie-friendly options, so have a look around then get stuck in.

Vegetarian Snacks Meat Eaters Love

We pride ourselves on creating well-loved classics, such as pies and sandwiches, and making them gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan. Even if you’re partial to eating meat, we think you’ll be a veggie in no time! Might we suggest you try our customer’s favourite roasted vegetable quiche? Or for something even more exotic, our samosas will have you asking for the ‘vegetarian menu’ next time you’re out for dinner.

Vegetarian Food Delivered

Don’t forget, if you’re ordering for more than just yourself, load up your basket high then select delivery at checkout! This goes for all our cakes, bakes, gluten-free savouries, and sweet treats. We know what you’re thinking – it’s time to have an Arapina office party! On that note, our ‘baby pasties’ and ‘baby pies’ are perfect for any gathering, whether it’s corporate or informal. And because of our attention to detail in everything we do, we know your clients, customers, friends or family will all be impressed by an Arapina spread!