So far we have worked with many business owners as health consultants in order to develop a balanced menu for their clients. So whether you are an individual, a caterer or a bakery owner that takes interest in healthy, natural food and would like to develop your menu or expand your knowledge on what’s healthy, why not email us at [email protected], with the title ‘No more additives!’ and one of our health coaches will be in touch with you.
special occasions
Whether this is your wedding or your little one’s special day, and you would like to cater for your guest’s dietary requirements then please email us at [email protected] with the title ‘We care for our guests’ and a member of our catering team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Please bear in mind that tasting session’s start from £45.00 for two people.
In Arapina we strive to offer healthy, natural food, free from additives, colours, emulsifiers, and everything else that modern society has imposed on us. Unlike many vegan and gluten free bakers we never substitute real ingredients with powders and liquids, we just develop naturally free from and low in recipes. You might call us traditional but we have taken our grandma’s recipes and cooking techniques, added a fresh approach and innovative ingredients to create the lightest, Mediterranean based treats that feed the body, mind and soul. For more information on our company’s ethos and values, check out our up and coming blog and social media feed.
We love to work with people that share our passion for natural, lighter food. If you think you are one of us, please email us at [email protected] with your CV and a short cover letter and somebody from our team will get back to you.
We would like to reach out to thousands of people, communicating our knowledge of how to live your life better, eat healthier, talk about business, moan about the weather or gossip about celebrities! For any press enquiries please contact us at [email protected], we can talk for hours!
For all the boring but necessary stuff please email us at [email protected]