devil’s brownie


Rich, chocolatey, gorgeous and gooey. You know you want one! The Arapina way is to make them with rice, tapioca, buckwheat flour, and completely dairy-free! One of our signature recipes our bakery visitors come back for time and time again, be devilish in your sweet treat choice. They’re crunchy on the outside and beautifully soft on the inside, with a hint of orange.

Size: 10”  (serves 18)

Vegan, Free From Gluten And Wheat
Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information Per entire serving Per 100g
Energy 3627 kcal / 15249 kJ 318kcal / 581kJ
Fat 137g 5.2g
of which saturated 55g 2.1g
Carbs 343g 25g
of which sugars 25g 2.5g
Fibre 21 3g
Protein 17 4g
Salt 7.5 5g
Allergens: contains almonds, cashews, may contain milk and sulphites.
Good to Know Fact
Our brownies contain rice flour as well as tapioca. Rice is the most widely consumed grain in the world, while tapioca, which comes from the root of the cassava plant, is commonly used as a thickening agent in food. Tapioca is also a staple food for millions of people in tropical countries.