devil’s brownie


A gooey and rich chocolate brownie made with rice, tapioca, buckwheat flour and even though we recommend it to be made with fresh butter for a full Arapina brownie experience it can be made vegan if requested! This crunchy on the outside & gooey on the inside chocolate delight is one of our signature recipes.

Vegetarian/vegan, free from nuts, gluten & wheat.

Free from gluten & wheat
Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information Per entire serving Per 100g
Energy 3627 kcal / 15249 kJ 318kcal / 581kJ
Fat 137g 5.2g
of which saturated 55g 2.1g
Carbs 343g 25g
of which sugars 25g 2.5g
Fibre 21 3
Protein 17 4
Salt 7.5 5
Health Benefits