vegan brownies

Imagine a world where you can get freshly baked, gooey, vegan brownies delivered to your door. Now stop imagining, because that’s what we do at Arapina! With their iconic crackly top and soft centre you’ll have to be quick because once everyone gets a glimpse of our vegan brownies, they don’t stick around for very long…

Guilt-free Vegan Brownies

Our brownies are a little less guilt-free because they’re 100% vegan! Which is perfect for plant-based chocoholics, or for those who need even more of an excuse to eat one (or two!). We created our vegan brownie range because we know how hard it is to find the real deal when it comes to taste and texture, minus the egg and butter. How did we achieve this? Well, it’s not magic – it’s something we call food innovation! We’ve been experimenting for years to get it just right because we’re passionate about being the go-to vegan bakery in town.

Vegan Brownies UK

Need vegan brownies delivery in London? Great! Our delivery service is nationwide, so even if you’re slightly further afield we’ll still make sure you get your vegan treat fix. Plus, we don’t stop at brownies when it comes to our vegan treats, because we also bake vegan cookies! If you haven’t switched over to the plant-based lifestyle yet, we think you’ll be converting very soon once you’ve tasted our range. Load up your basket, head to the checkout, and tell us where you’d like your goodies sent.