gingerbread man


Gingerbread dates from the 15th century, and figural biscuit-making was practiced in the 16th century. The first documented instance of figure-shaped gingerbread biscuits was at the court of Elizabeth I of England. She had the gingerbread figures made and presented in the likeness of some of her important guests, and in Arapina we preserve this to-date! Hence our gingerbread men are sometimes grumpy!

Box of 12

Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information Per entire serving Per 100g
Fat 54g 3.2g
of which saturated 30g 1.8g
Carbs 1119g 65g
of which sugars 451g 26g
Fibre 43g 2.5g
Protein 98g 5.7g
Salt 8.7g 0.51g
Adult average intake (2000kcal/8400kJ)

Allergens: contains milk and wheat

Good to Know Fact
Did you know that in some countries of the world, ginger is treasured and valued for its medicinal properies? We just love the delicious taste, here at Arapina.