pain au chocolat


Chocolate for breakfast – why not? Decadent dark chocolate wrapped in our flaky plant-based croissant dough is a winning combination that got us to the top 5 free-from bakeries in London as voted by the Financial Times. A baby version is available for catering purposes.

Meeting at work or too many at home? Get a box of 10 and enjoy 20% off.

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Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information Per entire serving (g) Per 100g (g)
Energy 299.13kcal/1272.05kJ 230.1kcal/978.5kJ
Fat 2.6g 2g
of which saturated 1.3g 1g
Carbs 61.88g 47.6g
of which sugars 12.74g 9.8g
Added Sugar 5.59g 4.3g
Fibre 2.6g 2g
Protein 7.93g 6.1g
Salt 0.97g 0.74g
Adult average intake (2000kcal/8400kJ)

Allergenss: contains gluten

Gluten, soya

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