Long gone are the days when vegan meant vegetables. Now, thanks to bakeries like us, innovation and new techniques of using ingredients, vegans and people looking to improve their diet, can indulge in their bakery favourites, but more healthily! Browse our vegan snacks range to try them for yourself.

Try Something New Today from Our Range

Our Mushroom Rolls and Farmer’s Samosas are loved by vegans and non-vegans alike! For those wanting to go a little more adventurous, why not try out our rainbow pasty? Whatever you go for, we give you our Arapina promise that all our vegan and vegetarian snacks have been handcrafted with love by our expert team, using recipes designed to leave you wanting more. We’ve spent years making sure every bite is full of flavour, depth, and texture.

Plant-based Snacks Delivered

Get delicious plant-based savoury snacks delivered straight to your door! Sometimes, life can be stressful, and finding delicious vegan food that ‘hits the spot’ and that can be delivered right to you can sound like mission impossible – but not for us. It has always been our aim to make sure you get your vegan snack fix, with our tasty treats. We’ve been founded on the principle of creating healthier and more fulfilled lifestyles for everyone, and firmly believe dietary restrictions should be a thing of the past.