gluten free treats

If you’re on the hunt for the best gluten-free treats in London, your search ends here. We only use the best natural ingredients, in combination with the latest food innovations and techniques to ensure everything we make meets the high standards our lovely customers have come to expect from us. Explore our range today and taste for yourself.

Vegan Classics

From bite-size raw chocolate baby brownies to our morning pick-me-up oat & blueberry cookies, you’ll find something for every craving in our extensive range. Have a look at what we make at our bakery in Greenwich, discover new favourite vegan bakes such as our devil’s brownie, or try something new!

Gluten-free Desserts in London

Finding delicious gluten-free desserts in London to surprise and delight your wheat-free needs can be challenging. Our promise to you is this: we started the Arapina bakery on a mission to solve the problem of satisfying every sweet tooth regardless of dietary restrictions. Once we solved this, we then decided to go the extra mile and ensure we could deliver our products nationwide! So whether you live in Newcastle, Northampton, or North London, we’ll make sure you get to try our bakes, cakes and treats.