Definitely one of our bestsellers when it comes to our songs cakes! Perfect combination of sweetness coming from the ripe bananas & nutty bitterness of the walnuts not only on top but going throughout the cakeā€¦ Yum! A delicious start of the day or a perfect companion for an afternoon tea!

Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information One entire loaf Per 100g
Energy 4006 kcal / 16723 kJ 418kcal / 1744kJ
Fat 235g 24g
of which saturated 18g 1.9g
Carbs 422g 44g
of which sugars 203g 21g
Fibre 16 1.7
Protein 44 4.5
Salt 5 0.53
Health Benefits of Banana

Potassium plays a role in every heart beat. This indispensable mineral can be found in "chiara" recipe.

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