daily cakes


Need a reason to celebrate every day? Elevate your daily celebrations with our diverse range of flavors.

Chocolate: Dive into a world of rich indulgence with our everyday chocolate cake. Two moist chocolate sponges embrace a chocolate buttercream, creating a symphony of cocoa that’s pure bliss with every bite.

Victoria sponge: Experience the timeless elegance of our victoria sponge daily cake. Soft, airy sponge layers envelop a delicate vanilla cream filling, evoking the essence of tradition and sophistication in every slice.

Carrot & pistachio: Indulge in a unique flavor adventure with our carrot & pistachio daily cake. Moist carrot-infused sponges mingle with crunchy pistachio bits, harmonizing sweet and nutty notes for a taste sensation that’s simply divine.

Cake size: 6”  (serves 8)

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Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information Per entire serving Per 100 g
Energy 8376kJ/2003.04kcal 1396.8kJ/333.84kcal
Fat 61.8g 10.3g
of which saturated 6g 1.0g
Carbs 321.6g 53.6g
of which sugars 201g 33.5g
Fibre 10.2g 1.7g
Protein 21g 3.5g
Salt 4.44g 0.74g
Adult average intake (2000kcal/8400kJ)
Gluten, soya
Gluten, soya

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