mushroom croissant


Creamy homemade béchamel, mushroom and leeks makes a stunning combination of our own twist on a vegan savoury croissant. Perfect for most times during the day, it being breakfast, lunch or as an afternoon snack.

Order them freshly baked from our bakery and gain 20% off when you order a box of 10

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Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information Per entire serving (210g) Per 100g
Energy 561kcal/2343kJ 267kcal/1116kJ
Fat 28.4 g 13.5 g
of which saturated 14.1 g 6.7 g
Carbs 58.5 g 27.9 g
of which sugars 8.8 g 4.2 g
Added Sugar 0 g 0 g
Fibre 5.6 g 2.7 g
Protein 14.8 g 7.1 g
Salt 1.19 g 0.57 g
Adult average intake (2000kcal/8400kJ)

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