Lemon drizzle – the timeless classic with a delicious layer of sweet & zesty icing! Named after Greta who wowed the crowds with her dancing moves while setting up Arapina’s stalls at various markets. Cheerful & flavour packed airy sponge is a favourite of many of our customers!

Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information Per entire serving Per 100g
Energy 4716 kcal / 19801 kJ 339 kcal / 1425 kJ
Fat 188g 14g
of which saturated 14g 1g
Carbs 701g 50g
of which sugars 440g 32g
Fibre 17g 1.2g
Protein 38g 2.8g
Salt 6.9g 0.5

Health Benefits of Lemon

Vitamin C

Feeling under the weather today?

Then, this is the dish for you. Arapina’s "greta" is high in vitamin C, which contributes to your immune system and may protect you from viruses. And it doesn't stop there, its incredible properties enhances the absorption of iron.