What does it mean to be intention driven ?

What does it mean to be intention driven ?


I have always been interested in business and sales, and for the most significant part of my professional career, I still find myself being results-driven.

For quite sometime, I would live by the mantra:

"show me what you have achieved to value you as a person and a professional." However, I have reflected on how wrong I have been for all of these years and perhaps how much I have missed out due to a single sided approach in humanity. 

Life can be a beautiful thing, and thankfully, I have been given life to reflect.

As a highly determined businesswoman, I have come to realise the value of things seen and unseen. I once heard a quote

“we are spiritual beings living a human experience”: therefore it is imperative that as a human being that I came into alignment with who I truly am, I have realised the undervalued, unappreciated and often pushed aside intention of doing things. And by that I do not mean the typical, "I didn’t mean to…".

I mean:

  • The real and raw energy that everyone holds in their hands around the intention of practising life
  • The intention of the choices we make
  • The intention of the conversations we hold,
  • The intention of the relationships we form.

I am talking about this primitive force behind every choice, doing and being. And I feel that a subject like this is particularly within the current environment of our Western civilisation, where everything is perceived as a deal, there is give and take, daily compromise and difficulties in manoeuvring life the way this has come to be known.

So what is your intention towards your colleagues or your relationship?

Can you really judge them harshly if they tried but failed given the circumstances and they have no results to show to the world?

Surely one must appreciate where they are coming from and what they are trying to achieve, in failure a lot of the times due to life complications.

So I, as an individual, a leader and a businesswoman, have learnt to take a minute and listen; listen to the efforts of the individual who is out there fighting the right corner against all the odds and applaud if they are failing, not in satisfaction of a defeat but in an encouragement of a battle well fought.


But most importantly, I have learnt to really appreciate the energy these individuals put out there for the higher good of all of us, despite the outcome. These are the everyday heroes, these are for me the real deal, result irrelevant.

Michaela Pontiki