What does ARAPINA mean

ARAPINA is a famous chocolate Greek cake. For those who are a bit sceptical we will give you a tip: Google ARAPINA recipes and quite a lot will pop up (not ours though!).

Having said that, I think it is the right time to share with you a bit of the history as to how we started. The company was originally trading only with the Arapina chocolate cake. We had great success, yet our stand was a bit minimalistic! Although there was nothing else like it in the market, not everyone was always in the mood for chocolate…:( In addition to that, our free from butter recipe, made our customers look out for other ‘free from’ delights. So we got to work! We spent hours and hours in our kitchen in West London, developing the yummiest free from as well as vegan cakes. We overall managed to cater for people with all sorts of intolerances, special dietary requirements or diabetics and as our customers put it ‘our cakes are God sent’.

However, despite our heavenly cakes, we have to admit that they did look a bit plain. And yet we didn’t want to go down the route of heavy icing, full of artificial colourings. So we had to develop natural decorations that would compliment our cakes and would be eye-catching. In one of our trips to Greece the idea hit us: How about developing the well-known Greek Teaspoon Desserts to decorate our cakes with?

Teaspoon Desserts are fruits, nuts or vegetables made into sweets with a 100% natural ingredients. They can be eaten on their own, with yogurt, ice-cream or used as cake decorations. So we went back to our kitchen and cooked, cooked, and cooked and there we are… The Teaspoon Dessert Collection was created with flavours like Wild Figs, Pistachio Nuts, Sour Cherries, and were officially launched in December 2013.

Today we have created a wide range of products from savouries to sweets, with one goal in mind: to cater for all those who enjoy a healthy lifestyle, are active, happy and sunny, as I like to call them, people!

Michaela Pontiki