The biggest trend of 2021: the staycation

Where are you going this year?

Everyone’s thoughts are about taking a break, having a holiday, this time of year.

That stress about finding time to pack, remembering your passport, not missing your flight, if the hotel is going to be as good as it looks in the pictures? Have we got a good deal? What will the food be like? What’s the weather going to be like? Will I still look good in my bikini? Will we need tests and quarantine this year?

Look back at your past holidays, there is always stress involved, some breaks might have been good, some might have been memorable for the wrong reasons. They’re rarely the perfect breaks.

Taking holidays abroad has only become an expectation for many Brits over the last 40 to 50 years.

The word “Staycation” is a relatively new invention, as if it’s something less good, not a real holiday.

But you can have an amazing holiday without your passport, staying on British soil, whether it’s a hotel, cottage, caravan or tent somewhere you’ve never been before, or just staying home

Give it a try – tell everyone you’re away, out of office on your email, switch that phone off, or at least put it on airplane mode.

Go exploring – just take off in your car or on a train and see what you can discover. Day trips or a week away. With the same budget, stay in a UK hotel with more stars, or have the cosiest option – your own bed, with no alarm to wake you.

Treat yourself, you can make it your best holiday.

Want your food cooked for you? Order in a meal, or 2, every day – almost all types of cuisine are a few clicks away.

Some pampering? Book some treatments, there are so many options available.

We all deserve a break but have it your way, less hassle, more relaxing. Exactly everything you want from a holiday made your way, and feel refreshed by the end of it.

Oh, and the summer UK weather forecast is looking good this year!

Michaela Pontiki