Quick & smart guide to healthy eating

First of all, let’s clarify what Healthy Eating is. The term sounds scary, time-consuming and quite dull for most of you! This is how we have all felt in the past, but this is not necessarily how we feel today…

Personal story:

Years ago I was working in the fast paced environment of fashion, finishing late from work and feeling completely deflated. My usual habit was to go home, sit on the sofa and devour a bag of crisps! Although we must admit that crisps are not that bad, this was setting the wrong mood for my eating.

Crisps would become a chocolate bar, and a chocolate bar would become an easy meal, leaving me feeling fatigue. Back then my perception of healthy eating, was exactly like yours: too boring too little time for it…

Fast forward, in the years of Arapina bakery, I have realized I couldn’t have been more wrong. I have come out of the bad habits, reshaped myself but most importantly feel happier. So here are the 10 steps that helped me out:

1. As a general rule – eat like a caveman/cavewoman. In other words, avoid processed food.
2. Educate yourself on what non processed foods are good for you to eat. You can read while you are on the bus on your way home and it doesn’t need to take years of study! Cross-examine the information you are reading (you ‘d be surprised the crap people are posting online!)
3. Choose foods that are in their original shape and form, ie: an apple and not cut offs of an apple. It is cheaper, environmentally friendly and natural.
4. When possible and the budget allows, choose organic.
5. Read about how to best combine the foods you like. Even the healthiest foods available can cause damage if wrongly put together.
6. Choose the foods you like from your personal healthy list and make them into the combinations you will enjoy.
7. Never ever go shopping hungry. You are more likely to select unhealthy options.  In fact, where possible – order online, from your favorite suppliers.
8. Think before you eat and really listen to your body! It is important to feed yourself with the right nutrients at the right time.
9. Enjoy food and forget while eating the stress around you as much as possible. It is scientifically proven that the human body can absorb more nutrients when the pleasure is there.
10. Repeat. Repetition is the mother of good self – programming! And remember an 80(healthy)/20(unhealthy) rule is good enough as long as you don’t cheekily swap the percentages around!

Don’t forget to enjoy healthy food at the Arapina bakery, in Deptford, SE8 3FB, 7 days a week, where we ‘ve got it right for you! We are only around the corner.  Well, we like to think of ourselves as your local bakery!

Michaela Pontiki