Protein intake and the significance of it in our nutrition

It is passed the festive season and everyone is talking about protein intakes. The customers are asking for protein based meals and industry is going boom on the development of protein snacks. So how important is having protein daily, can we leave without it and what type of proteins are there?

With the veganism lifestyle increasing by the minute and bakeries like ourselves specialising in it, one has to consider what is their body type and under which type of proteins one’s body functions better. Although I understand the moral implications on animal’s rights and have fully supported it throughout my life, I have also come to the realisation that plant based protein is not as beneficial to everyone as the animal protein can be.

And despite the fact that many legumes and nuts may contain higher amounts of protein, one has to research a bit further as to what is the absorption ratio of them all.

The matter extends a lot more to the mere superficial approach of “I am taking enough protein through my plant based nutrition” and really has to be looked into more carefully. From personal experience, I discovered after several years of being vegan that I am actually a protein body type and that despite consuming enormous amounts of nuts, this was still not enough for my body to be fully functioning. The results are usually shown on appearance, possible inflammations, feelings of tiredness, fatigue, stamina as well as one’s immune system.

So what would be advisable? Check through nutritional and lifestyle tests what is your body type and follow a nutrition that suits you as well as enhance your wellbeing. Remember trends don’t always work for everyone, it is down to the individuality of each one of us and how well one can understand themselves, on a deeper vital for their life level.

Michaela Pontiki