hazelnuts in dark chocolate


A whole hazelnut covered in a thick layer of luscious single origin dark chocolate. It’s a nutella-like flavour but with dark chocolate (in a nutshell… got it?). Tasted and loved by generations of chocaholics. Perfect snack, dessert or baking ingredient! What would you do with it? Get some delivered today & see for yourself.

Vegetarian, free from dairy, gluten & wheat.

Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information Per 200g Per 100g
Energy 1172 kcal / 4874 kJ 586kcal / 2437kJ
Fat 80g 40g
of which saturated 30.2g 15.1g
Carbs 84.8g 42.4g
of which sugars 74g 37g
Fibre 22g 11g
Protein 17.4g 8.7g
Salt <0.2g (<16mg/200g) <0.1g (<8mg/100g)