Preparing for christmas

We are half way through the year and although the weather does not give away a Xmas mood the need of the preparations will hit us at some point… So how can we best prepare ourselves to avoid stress on the last days of the year? Here is my personal planner:

Buy gifts throughout the year

I always like to shop around for people that I love and this is why I very rarely shop on occasions. With this I mean that I do not wait for someone’s birthday to go shopping, but when I see something that it reminds me of my friend or family member I buy it even if there is not a near future occasion.

Now I understand that this might mean that the present might fall outside the period for exchange or a refund however on the upside you have bought something that really reminded you of this person hence it is more likely that the present will not be exchanged. To reduce even further the possibility of an exchange avoid buying something very personal, ie a pair of shoes but perhaps look out for something more of a general use. Ie a silk scarf or pair of gloves.

Buy online

The interpersonal relationship with the customer assistant while shopping is important, however on the festive season the shopping experience within a shop may become overwhelming! So if there is availability for your presents to be bought online, do so and save yourself time and potential frustration. Plus the online shops always seem to have a bigger and better size selection that the actual ones and they can come pre-wrapped for you!

Pre-order your xmas table ingredients

Last minute food shopping is more likely to result in disappointment since the food shelves tend to be pretty empty before the festive season! Pre-order your ingredients to your local bakery, grocer or butcher and avoid the running around to fill in the holes! This way you make sure that everything reaches you on time, in their freshest possible condition!

Go for a hamper

I cannot describe enough the excitement of getting to make up a food hamper for your beloved ones! And mind yourself as unfortunately the industry is full of crap hampers selling at extraordinaire prices so don’t fall in the desperate thought of “I need to get something” because I can assure you to regret it in the face of the receiver. It is always a nice thought to make your own hamper but if you do want to go for a food hamper and you value quality Arapina provides the most exceptional hampers for all ages, dealing with all intolerances! Pre-order yours as they are literally flying off the shelves!

Decorate the tree early enough

Nothing doing in a rush will ever lead to a welcoming result! So if the tree needs to be done, do it early enough and with good company! Invite your friends or family over, promise them some good wine and tapas and make them do some work for you! Put your dance Xmas list on and the tree will be decorated for you! Take some pictures and keep them as ornaments for your tree or even better send them to the helpers as your Xmas & Thank you card!

Although the Xmas period in Arapina we work long hours, we are always happy to help! Call the bakery for any cake emergencies and rest assure that we will do our best to please you! Afteral Xmas cannot be cancelled!

Michaela Pontiki