Our values

Food labels and ingredient statements are under great scrutiny these days, and food processors and marketers are increasingly being affected by consumer moves to avoid gluten, dairy, soy and other ingredients. Consumers are increasingly more discerning and educated when it comes to food and beverages and are certainly looking for more ‘free-from’ or allergen-free foods.

Mintel reports that the gluten-free market alone has gained market share and is landing a permanent place in the food industry. Demand for free-from products continues to climb, as the technology to diagnose diet-related allergies keeps improving and 4 out of 10 consumers claiming to avoid or eliminate GMO foods in their daily diets.

Free-from includes not only gluten-free products, but also allergens such as milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat and soy. Sesame and sunflower seeds can often be added to that list, and generally accepted free-from definitions can also include genetically modified organisms (GMOs), additives or preservatives.

In Arapina formulating allergen-free foods has always had texture and nutrition profiles at the forefront of the process. We strongly believe that brands should really be the ones setting the tone for responsible and conscious product development and marketing. We believe that it is now more than ever, up to the brands to be transparent in their ingredient and nutritional claims. People have the right to know exactly what’s in their food, how it’s made and who makes it. In Arapina we believe in food with clean labels and strong nutritional profiles; free-from is not a fad, it’s part of the revolutionary change in the way people are eating.

In an effort to embrace all type of customers, the Arapina team believes in 4 core values: 

F      for Freshly made by hand, new, raw, seasonal and refreshing
I       for an Inclusive menu for all tastes and diets, welcoming everybody
N     for Natural ingredients and processes, simple, pure and authentic
E     for Energetic happy and smiling customers, celebrating the vitality of life

Through our menu we offer real food, made with integrity and transparency throughout our food production processes, looking at the overall health benefits of our clientele.

Our bakers, following research on innovative materials, are happy to embrace the revolution of new as well as ancient ingredients and develop recipes that we pride ourselves of; this is why our development days in our bakery play a pivotal part on our business development. Finally we pride ourselves in being at the forefront of food related health developments and we are bold enough to make the first steps!

In Arapina, we believe in a balanced lifestyle through our food offer, which promotes health and happiness for our customers. For more information regarding our values, follow us on social media and get to know us better!

Michaela Pontiki