Our awards

And we are celebrating again! This time we have two reasons; the first one is that we  won for a second time 2 Great Taste Awards! The second reason we are celebrating is that one of them, is a 2 gold star award! Now for all of you that have participated in the Quild of Fine Food competition, you probably know that getting one star, is the most profound award; an interesting product, of fine texture and with a twist can almost guarantee you an award of a gold star. However amongst the participants, it is commonly known, how difficult it is to get a two star award… A step up the ladder on the competition and yet so hard to satisfy the majority of so many judges tasting your product. Despite the difficulties, our pistachio handmade preserves have truly made it! But what did the judges find interesting? Here is their review: There’s a wonderful perfume to this product and we loved the light, refreshing hit we get from the syrup. The texture of the pistachios is very pleasant and of high quality’.

Have we scratched your appetite for more insight information? Please see below what the judgres have said for the rest of our award winners…

Sugar free chocolate almonds: ‘A good crispy almond with a glossy coat of chocolate – crunchy and sweet’.

Sour cherries: ‘Very good whole cherries, rich in colour, with a gently chewy texture and well judged balance of sour and sweet. The suryp had a good glossy finish. We thought it would be great over ice-cream…’

Walnuts: ‘The character is all in the flavour! A sound product, clearly carefully made. A pleasant marriage of flavours and a product that really surprised the judges.  The clove, nutmeg and cinnamon were well balanced delivering a really good mouthful’.

Why not be the judge for yourself and taste our award winning products? You can find them at our Bakery, at Greenwich market, on Amazon and Deliveroo. Look forward to hearing your review!

The Arapina team

Michaela Pontiki