Managing your dietary requirements

The Arapina website has recently undergone a re-design, with an array of new features being added to aid website enhancement and boost customer experience.

One of these features was a new dietary requirements filter, which is designed to make ordering from Arapina more straightforward, safer and more accessible for people with specific nutritional requirements, such as food allergies.

In recent years, it has been highlighted that the number of specific dietary requirements are increasing. Across the UK alone, millions of people suffer from food allergies, with at least 44% of adults having at least one food allergy, and the number is only set to rise. This means that for many companies, there is a need to make orders for customers with allergies and intolerances easier, which is what makes the new Arapina dietary filter so beneficial.

Simple because one lives with a specific dietary requirement or chooses to eat a plant-based diet, that does not mean that they should have to miss out. At Arapina, we specialise in offering sweet treats that are fresh, healthy, and lovingly made, that is also inclusive and allergy-friendly.

With an increase in people choosing specific diets for health purposes, such as veganism and avoiding gluten, there are also more and more people wanting to customise their menus to meet their particular health needs, which means that there is an immediate need for customers to be able to customise the range of products they are looking to purchase to meet their specific needs.

The new Arapina dietary filter means that ordering our fresh, handmade, healthy products has become much more straightforward for anyone with a specific nutritional requirement.

Michaela Pontiki