Is veganism the healthy option for you?

I have just come off doing the business press review on East London Radio show All In My Business, where I briefly touched on the matters of veganism and nutrition!

The discussion was sparked by 2 controversial posts I found in the vegan bodybuilding society and the Times online. Alexey Voevoda, an Olympic Gold Medallist and world champion arm wrestler claims that since he became vegan his body “has become lighter, so to say clearer” and that he “almost never suffers from a cold or flu”

On the other hand there is Mikaila and Jordan Peterson a London based blogger and her father, featured recently in an article in the Times online magazine claiming that they cured depression and arthritis based on an all beef diet (

“So if veganism is a not necessarily the healthiest option then what is it?”

Personally speaking, as an ex-vegan, turned pescetarian, here are my 5 truths about nutrition that no doctor, google or nutritionist can take away from my experience.

1.      You cannot go wrong with a plant based diet; indeed, diets that are primarily plant based tend to offer a wider variety of nutrients with the least negative side effects. So you are safe when a lot of vegetables are consumed within your diet, but not necessarily safe with a lot of fish or meat.

2.      No single dimensional nutrition is good for you; again a variety is essential for your wellbeing so take away all the fads of juice drinking, exclusively meat eating or being a fruitarian.

3.      A nutrition consists only part of your wellbeing and your ability of self curing diseases (yes you can cure yourself from cancer, depression, anxiety and other diseases without the need of medication). There are another 5 more elements that you will need to introduce and look after (if you haven’t done so yet) and these are: Hydration, Movement, Breathing, Sleeping and Emotions (further analysis on these in an up and coming blog – stay tuned!)

4.      Nutrition as well as movement needs to be tailored to your body type and current lifestyle. Yes, not all exercise is good for you! Depending on your stress levels, the perfect exercise for you might be simply yoga or tai chi. So if your friends are sweating away on the spinning classes at the gym and the results are a toned body without a weight loss, you now know the reason why; They simply exercise the wrong way!

5.     Avoid at all costs all processed and sugar containing food! Do not assume that savoury dishes are sugar free.  From canned food to the best steak always read carefully the ingredients or enquire about the processes!

In a world where the word vegan profoundly sells, we must take a minute and think:

Is this truly the healthy option and what is the reason we are today embracing veganism?

There is no doubt that a shift from the massive meat production and consumption was needed and indeed the introduction of more vegetables is the right turn, but a completely vegan diet is a heavy in carbohydrates diet; unless this can be supported from your body type then it is highly unlikely that this is helping you towards a healthier you!

So yes, follow a plant based diet, we at Arapina are the biggest supporters of this! Or alternatively visit one of our retail locations and your nutrition is at safe hands!

Michaela Pontiki