Hydration: how can you best hydrate

Summer has arrived, which means that now is the perfect time to focus on hydration and gaining a better insight and understanding into the process of keeping ourselves hydrated as the warmer weather arrives.

New research has revealed that 89% of the UK population is not drinking enough water to maintain healthy hydration levels. Staying efficiently hydrated in hot or humid weather can be more of a challenge than remaining hydrated in colder temperatures, as in warmer weather, more sweat is lost from the body, which results in dehydration occurring at a faster rate.

Every drop of fluid lost through sweat needs to be replaced, or dehydration may set in, causing a range of symptoms, from headaches to more severe health problems. A common issue related to becoming dehydrated is a lack of brain functionality, which means that it can be challenging to focus, and thus work productively and safely.

Bearing that in mind, the question is: how can we increase our levels of hydration this summer?

Protein waters are a fantastic way to add more water to your daily regime. For anyone physically active, protein waters can be a great addition to your daily diet, in addition to being a simple way to make staying hydrated easier. Infused with whey protein isolate, protein water helps to contribute to the growth and maintenance of healthy muscle mass.

Healthy, homemade ice lollies are another simple yet effective way to give your levels of hydration a boost while cooling down at the same time. To create your own healthy, homemade ice lollies for aiding hydration, simply combine water, chopped fresh fruit, and a few drops of flavouring and freeze in ice lolly moulds.

For anyone who doesn’t like the taste of water, infused waters may be the answer. It’s advisable to invest in an infusing jug or bottle, where you can infuse fruit into your water. To add a natural, sugar-free flavour to water, simply chop fresh fruit and herbs and soak into your jug or water bottle. Cucumber and mint, orange and lemon, and mixed berries are flavours that one may wish to try, as the strength of these ingredients pack a powerful punch.

Made up of fortified vitamins, vitamin-infused water cannot only replenish your body with various vitamins and nutrients but can also help to make staying hydrated easier. It pays to be mindful of the additional ingredients in vitamin water, as some products may contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, and syrups.

When it comes to drinking enough water in the warmer summer months, there are plenty of options available, it’s just a case of finding the route to hydration that works best for you.

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