First Arapina bakery!

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.


DEC 2016

It is every business owner’s dream to get their own unit and stop sharing it with others. It is also every business owner’s dream to get a retail space where meeting with customers is of great importance!

Well, in Arapina we ‘ve made one more time our dreams come true and refreshed ourselves with a new business development…

Greenwich has always been a place close to our heart, from the day we started trading in the renowned market! The Cutty Sark, the Maritime Museum, the Observatory and so many other locations, inspired us with success! A new unit right at the borders of Greenwich and Deptford combined the aura, the sunshine and the quality clientele we currently cater for! With our open kitchen on site from every angle of the square, we currently tease our neighbours with us baking on the premises and offering a show of cake masterpieces that go everyday out of the bakery to our private and VIP customers. The doors will not be closed for long though! We are getting ourselves ready to do a soft launching in the new year and the grand opening in spring to celebrate life and healthy eating!

Follow us for all the updates or pop in to say hi and we promise that our lovely smells will mesmerize you! And don’t forget: We are still taking orders when walking in, through our website, our social media, on amazon and borough box!

Watch this space! xx

Michaela Pontiki