Emotional freedom technique

Over the years I have felt many times trapped emotions and childhood traumas to be the barriers in realising my full potential. For many years I have been looking for a resolution… Tom Charman being my personal trainer and life coach, provided me with an approach to tackle the problem; EFT. As a highly sceptical person, I can only say: Trust me, it works! This is what Tom has to say… Michaela x

How Tapping Can Change Your Life!

“Don’t be RIDICULOUS!”… “That’s pseudoscience”… “How could that work?!” are typical reactions when first coming across this strange “tapping” technique. However, initial reactions are often followed by the words “No way!” and “How did that work?!” coming from a person with a surprised expression…

Whether it’s a deadline for a business project, a challenging colleague or financial stress, modern life has undeniable emotional challenges that are, by nature of being “modern”, unnatural to us, notwithstanding additional challenges we face in our relationships with family members and friends. All of these can leave us feeling stressed, angry, overwhelmed, anxious or depressed, and such emotional turmoil can also contribute to sleepless nights, emotional overeating, and a never ending list of physical symptoms.

But what if there was a way to navigate life’s challenges and interactions, with greater ease…

A simple “tapping” technique that has evolved over the last few decades, a fusion of several therapies that combines a mind-body approach, might just be the solution we’re looking for.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an emotional form of acupuncture however, instead of using needles to stimulate various meridian points on the body, it uses light tapping with the fingertips to disrupt and release blocked energy and trapped emotions.


According to neuroscience, we don’t actually see the world as it is, we see it as we perceive it to be. In other words, we have our very own, unique filters of perception, which can lead two people to experience the exact same event and each have a totally different reaction.

As an example, one person might happily walk on stage to confidently delivery a presentation, whilst another may shrink in fear! The difference is perception, i.e. the beliefs we hold about an experience, as well as the story we tell ourselves, and these are based on the experiences of our life.

So, what stories are you telling yourself? Which beliefs do you hold about your life? Speaking in public is scary? The world is a dangerous place? Men/women are untrustworthy? I’ll never succeed? I am incompetent, unlovable, stupid, ugly etc. etc. etc.?

As well as easing acute physical pain and symptoms and relieving stress in the moment, EFT comes into its own by effortlessly releasing the fear and discomfort we feel in the body associated with our beliefs. With the uncomfortable feelings gone, we are then able to perceive a given situation with a normal reaction. In essence we have a new, more empowering belief and our new beliefs in turn, create a very different life to the one formed by our old, outdated and disempowering beliefs.

And, given that emotional stress is widely recognised as a leading contributor to physical health complaints, we can also see how, releasing long-held fears and disempowering beliefs, helps us release burden from our physical body, freeing up energy for it to heal.

As Gary Craig – founder of EFT said, “EFT has proven useful in clinical settings for just about any emotional, physical or performance issue you can name”

And, due to its success in helping to heal so many conditions, it is commonly associated with the phrase “Try it on Everything!”

What is more, EFT is simple, can be learned easily by anyone and is portable and practical, and literally at our fingertips!

Don’t believe me!

The only way anyone should accept something as true is to experience it for themselves. So, if EFT is something that intrigues you, visitwww.powerfreedomtapping.com where you can contact me,to experience a complimentary session in person or via Skype.

Tom Charman