No matter where we are in life we always seek to improve it one way or another, in pursuit of well balanced life & happiness.

The challenge of balancing all aspects of our fast-paced daily lives is even harder with being busy at work, home and trying to maintain a fracture of a social life. Yet somehow it’s always ‘easier’ to find ways to procrastinate than to push yourself. But there is some tips & tricks to not only feel more accomplished but also relaxed & satisfied at the same time. A lot of us confuse improving ourselves with an instant visible effect, focusing on intense training, super strict diets & putting our professional goals above all else but the truth is it’ll never happen overnight and it probably won’t work unless your mind body & soul are invested in the change. Here are a few areas of life that I found most vital to focus on when attempting a transformation of any kind:


As I work with & love food my world does kind of revolve around it, I love to prepare shopping lists plan meals ahead, make sure my ingredients come from good sources and then spend time prepping & cooking my food with lots of love. Even a simple meal when made from scratch gives you so much more satisfaction than any ready made meal! Feast your soul, eyes & tummy all at the same time 🙂 A well balanced diet containing all necessary nutrients with occasional treats is so important to our physical & mental wellbeing! Definitely more beneficial than limiting yourself to only a few things that your body & mind will get bored with sooner or later.

Nurture yourself

It’s very important to take care of your mental & physical health! A healthy diet (mentioned above), good rest, family life, exercise, entertainment and work satisfaction are all vital for anyone to enjoy all aspects of these treats! If you balance those aspects of your daily life they will bring you so much joy! Work satisfaction (especially if you do what you love!) is one of the best feelings not only are you exercising one of the most important muscles (your brain) but you do it well & get recognition. A great way to stay awake during a working day is going to the gym/ your favourite yoga place during lunch - it will give you so much energy & make the rest of your office day go so much quicker. Evenings & weekends should be all yours to enjoy! If it’s a family & friends trampolining day out or a rainy day spent at home with your favourite read or binging netflix - everyone needs these days to rewind! Or just spend some time meditating & maybe an aromatic bath? And hello there’s so many things to do & see especially if like me you live in the greatest city (with the worst transport) in the world!! Theatre, mini golf, immersive dining, movies and so so so many amazing restaurants, pubs, markets & rooftop bars!


Everyone’s different and no matter where you look for advice the outcome will always vary but the one thing you can be sure of is that YOU KNOW what you want or at least have a vague idea of it. It doesn’t need to be a step-by-step 5 or 10 year plan but more like a set of values that matter to you the most in life and following your aspirations & dreams. YOU know your priorities! Whether it’s family or work or just a feeling - all answers are correct & you just need to make sure that you don’t loose the sight of yours!

Mindset & attitude

Everyone can have a bad day and it’s no ones fault really it’s just the way the world is… But the one thing that can change about your bad day is you & the approach you take on it! When my own series of unfortunate events unfolds I try to look at it with humour or try to appreciate the very few good moments of the day. After all it happens to all of us & in the end we can’t really do anything about natures moodiness, the traffic in this city jungle And we definitely can’t travel in time (just yet) so focus on the moment & try to enjoy everything that happens to you in life because no matter if the experience is good or bad it definitely leaves you enriched if you look at it the right way. Kill the bad day with kindness!


In your life almost as if with a partner the most important thing to establish is compatibility - being at one. The best thing about life and getting to know yourself is that as you grow (physically & mentally) you’ll discover more & more about which will help you to understand your needs - mind, body & soul. Be honest with yourself and everything will be clear. You know yourself best, just take your time and explore! „What’s for you won’t pass you by” - everyone lives their lives at their own pace - it’s not a race! Enjoy your life! That’s just a few of my thoughts they help me a lot in my day to day life as do my family & friends! Baths, meditation & aromatic candles are a must as well 🙂

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