8 Ways to make your corporate event a success

Every corporate event is an opportunity to entertain, build relationships and showcase how much you appreciate your customers or clients. However, we understand how labour intensive an event can be, so here is a success-guarantee way of going forward:

Choose the right environment

The environment of your event is almost as important as the event itself! It speaks about the organiser and makes your clients feel at ease with each other. If the office or a private house seem too dull of an option, the park or a terrace over the summer months might sound more appealing for your event.

Have a simple theme

Although themes may seem restrictive, they can actually serve a purpose of cutting out unnecessary elements from your event. Stick to it and your event will look and feel as a body of work while your pocket will not suffer!

Remember your objective

Keep in mind the key objective(s) of your event. Think about what kind of atmosphere you want to create and what you will personally gain out of this! Keep this thought close to your heart when things get tough – it will help you get through difficult times in the organisation process.

Build the right team around you

Even if you do not have a big budget, include a healthy number of suppliers around you, or at least a number that you can manage. If you communicate clearly about your goals and objectives of the event, your suppliers will feel more invested in the success of it!

Create a Pintrest board or a vision board

This will help you and your suppliers understand your needs easily, communicate your ideas better and create a feel and colour palette for your big day!

Sample the food you are getting

It is always worthwhile sampling the food prior to the event. Food suppliers promise the world and possibly deliver it by compromising on the quality. Choose quality over quantity, or a reputable supplier like Arapina!

Capsule food selection

Arapina caters for a wide range of dietary needs. However, you cannot please everyone, this is why we recommend you have a capsule selection, and then surround it with a selection of taster options which would cater for unique taste palettes.

Be hospitable

Yes we understand people may not like people but as a host/hostess it is your responsibility to make them feel welcome and relax within the event. PS: alcohol always helps!

Michaela Pontiki