5 Tips for kids parties

You are a new mum and you have never organised a kid’s party before! You do not know where to start and what will keep kids happy for longer… Perhaps you do not have the space or your new living room cannot afford to be painted blue with a marker! Here are 5 tips that we have learnt through our experience of hosting kids parties:

It’s all about the experience

Offer them an enjoyable experience that they will remember for a long time! Whether this is a balloon performer or how to make origami, the activity will keep them interested and make them bond over something in common.

It will also give them the opportunity to open up discussions and communications that will perhaps benefit them when back at school!

Avoid sugar

Avoid sugar as much as possible. Yes, we know it is a kids party but reduced sugar will reduce the amount of ‘bouncing off the walls’ especially when these take place on your new sofa! Keep them well fed with quality food and they will enjoy the party to its full potential.

Allow them space

Allow them a beautiful and open plan environment as much as possible. Like this they can be mesmerised as well as run around without the fear of hurting themselves.

Organise kind supervision

Have a kind supervisor over them that is not necessarily a relative to any of the children. He or she can be impartial and children show a tendency of respect to an unknown person.

Offer them a goodie bag

Give them something to take away! Ideally this will keep the memories longer and will make your prince or princess the star of the day; and you as a mum the best party organiser!

If this still looks a lot for you, don’t worry we have got you sorted! Why don’t you book our bakery for an unforgettable baking experience and a goodie bag at the end? In Arapina we value education turned into fun! For more information contact us at [email protected] or at 02084691764!

Michaela Pontiki