gluten free spinach, feta & pine nuts quiche


A luxurious treat, but completely gluten free. Slowly freshly cooked nutritious spinach in a creamy quiche with feta, double cream, eggs, onions and leeks, topped with pine nuts. A special treat for a special occasion, maybe a great family gathering. This 10 inch diameter deep-filled quiche is recommended for around 10 generous servings.


Free from gluten & wheat

Nutritional Information
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Allergens: contains eggs, milk and gluten

Good to Know Fact

Zinc is an essential nutrient. Your body can't produce it, or store it, so you need to find it in your diet. Its good for your immune system, healing wounds, skin health and your bodies growth and development. It also helps with your sense of taste and smell. So you can tell just how tasty food from Arapina truly is!