feta pie


A traditional Greek pie for feta cheese lovers! Made with our wholemeal puff pastry and filled with seasoned feta cheese and feta cheese only (yes that’s all!). No veggies included but oh my it’s delicious… Especially fresh from the oven!

Vegetarian, free from nuts & sugar, low in gluten & wheat.

Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information Per entire serving Per 100g
Energy 862.5 kcal / 3572.5 kJ 345kcal / 1429kJ
Fat 77.5g 31g
of which saturated 21.75g 8.7g
Carbs 3g 1.2g
of which sugars 0g 0g
Fibre 0g 0
Protein 40g 16g
Salt 0.375g 0.15g
Adult average intake (200kcal/8400kJ)

Allergens: contains gluten, eggs and milk

Health Benefits of feta pie


We achieve what the mind believes, but not with unhealthy bones.

This appetizing recipe contains Calcium, which contributes to your bone and muscle health.

Stay strong, stay positive and enjoy this meal.