raw chocolate & orange tart


Everyone knows fruit & chocolate are usually a match made in heaven but one of our favourites is the tangy orange with bitter juicy peel combined with rich dark chocolate which is lifted by the flavour mix of the citrus. The tart comes surrounded by a crunchy, nutty base, containing two colour matching layers of velvety filling – chocolate cream topped with orange cream & decorated.

Vegan, free from gluten, wheat free & sugar free
Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information Per entire serving Per 100g
Energy 10019 kcal / 41472 kJ 406 kcal / 1679 kJ
Fat 842g 34g
of which saturated 356g 14g
Carbs 331g 13g
of which sugars 191g 7.7g
Fibre 110g 4.5g
Protein 231g 9.4g
Salt 2.4g 0.1g
Allergens: contains almonds, cashews, may contain milk and sulphites.
Health Benefits of Orange

Vitamin C 

Feeling under the weather today?

Then, this is the dish for you. Arapina’s "chocolate & orange tart" is high in vitamin C, which contributes to your immune system and may protect you from viruses. And it doesn't stop there, its incredible properties enhances the absorption of iron.