Lady M - Arapina

Lady M

Michaela Pontiki

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Featured in Start Your Business Magazine, shortlisted for Greek International Women Awards and nominated by Coutts for a Natwest Entrepreneur Award; Michaela’s star is on the rise.


Originally from Crete she grew up surrounded by locally sourced natural produce and healthy home cooked food. Now with a busy London life Lady M enjoys the occasional sweet treat but being vegetarian found the limited options unappealing. They were either; heavy and difficult to digest, dry and tasteless or have ingredients reminiscent of a school chemistry lesson. Being a practical and dynamic person Lady M thought – if you can’t find what you want then create it! Hence Arapina was born.


Michaela has a natural aptitude for what she produces, although she is not from a food industry background. She is a qualified Architect and Designer with a passion for sustainability and the environment, which are at the heart of her designs. Michaela has held lectures and exhibited in museums, galleries and Universities across Europe.